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Datoo Nulled v1.0.1 – Dating platform Free Download


Datoo Nulled v1.0.1 – Dating platform may be a complete Dating App you would like to urge started your own business. This includes Video Calls, People who are close to locations, Encounters, These matches, Live Streaming, Credit systems, Admob, Live Chat, Premium features, in-system gift system purchases, in-app subscriptions, push notifications, and much more …

Datoo Nulled

Main features (Android)

  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with Email or username
  • Password recovery and reset system
  • People Nearby: See people nearby and site badge for very new people including real distance
  • Filters & Location filter: Filter sort of people you would like to ascertain , online, age, location etc…
  • Quick profile and Message: Type to ascertain near user profile and like, dislike or message action
  • Profile compatibility: Scroll right down to see user’s profile info, and every one compatible preferences are going to be in Primary color
  • Encounters Game: Swap left or Right counting on your choice if you wish or not the user..
  • It’s a Match: User can like users and if both liked each and other, then it’s a match
  • Live Streaming: Any User can start a Live Streaming video
  • Live Streaming Interaction: Every User can watch Live Streaming and comment, send gifts to Streamer, follow, stop following or report
  • Generate Credit from Viewers: Direct Streamer can get credit with prizes sent by Direct Observers
  • Real-Time Chat: Users can chat in real time including status messages (sending, sending and viewing)
  • Emoji Chat: Send original emojis and twitter created in chat
  • Chat Pictures: Users can send pictures from the gallery or camera directly in the Chat bottom panel
  • Online, offline, last seen, message visible: User status in all applications, Nearby, Connection and Chat. Also all messages are realtime.
  • Video Calls: Users can make or receive video calls, it include status (Offline, Calling, Ringing, Refused, Busy or Connected )
  • Credit System: Users can buy credits and may use it to shop for new features or send gift
  • Reward Video (Admob): Users can earn credits by watching Ads video (Google Admob)
  • Premium Features: There are alot of Premium features that user got to subscribe and use it, example: See who liked or favorited you, revert left swap, etc..
  • Popularity System: User can see how popular he/she is, and obtain improve the recognition by activating features like Move to to, 3x visible, etc…
  • Likes and Favorites System: User can like others not only in Encounter, but i will be able to get Match if other also like him in encounter
  • Connections System: the sort of connected: Conversation, Likes, Visits, favorites and Matches in one place
  • Admod Ads: All free users can see ads and may disable with with credits or premium
  • Blocking System: Users can block or unblock others at any time
  • Report System: Users can report profiles, photos, or other users’ Live Streaming
  • User Profile: User can see own profile et al. will see it
  • Multi Photo Upload: Users can upload unlimited photos on a profile
  • Multiple Profile Photos: User et al. can see all photos in slider
  • Facebook multiple Photos import: User can import multiple photos from his facebook account
  • Instagram multiple photos import: User can import multiple photos from his Instagram account
  • Verification System: User can get verified badge by verifying the e-mail (We will add telephone number verification in future near)
  • In-app purchases: User can buy credits
  • In-app subscriptions: User can subscribe use premium features for selected period
  • Push notifications: Every action has push notifications (Likes, visits, message, favorites, live stream, etc…)
  • Push Settings: User can choose in Settings witch Push to receive or not.
  • In-app push notifications: If the app is opened, notifications comes directly within the top of the app
  • User Privacy: Users can allow or dany to share their location or online status
  • and much more…

Main features (Admin Panel):

  • Modern: Parse dashboard is sweet but, tough to use. That’s why we developed this Admin Panel
  • Installations: Installations are all devices that has successfully installed the App, even no user logged.
  • Last signups: We welcome you with 10 latest registered users (new accounts created only)
  • Quick Analysis: Get a fast number of registrations, users, chats and live streaming
  • Connections: See all important data of Visits, Favourite and Follow system
  • Messages: See all info of messages sender, receiver, status, image etc…
  • Encounters: See all the likes or dislikes, recipients, status etc …
  • Calls: See all caller info for callers, recipients, status, duration etc …
  • Live Streaming: See all streaming info, streamers, viewers, views, get, comments, status, etc …
  • Prizes: See all types of gifts, credit, names, etc …
  • Add Gift: Add new gift to your system, it’ll be immediately added to your app
  • Report: Check and resolve reports, and see all informations.
  • For advanced Admin features, please use Parse Dashboard


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