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Modern Events Calendar Nulled v5.4.5 Free Download


Modern Events Calendar Nulled v5.4.5 – Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugin, Manage your events within the fastest, easiest & latest way with the simplest WordPress event calendar plugin.

WordPress Event Calendar

With the ever growing population of WordPress users within the world all at once with the expansion of the WordPress tools and features makes WordPress event calendar the simplest option for creating an occasion management website. because the best event calendar plugin, Modern Events Calendar provides you with numerous features and options to make and manage your events.

Modern Events Calendar has been designed during a way that event planners manage the events in several businesses like education, restaurants, communities, etc. and simply Sell tickets, earn revenue & grow your business.

Since event managers are browsing a difficult time considering all the issues caused by events cancellations and therefore the need for running online events immediately. So our team attempts to assist its audience as best as possible.

Modern Events Calendar has the foremost stylish and practical design among all other WordPress event calendars. it has been created using modern design methods. If you ever wanted to feature event scheduling to your website, MEC plugin has quite 50 layouts with different skins and its beautiful layouts are in an efficient combination both in design and functionality.

Webnus development team, with 10 years of experience in creating WordPress themes, is proficient at making responsive elements, that’s why all the event views of MEC are perfectly responsive and mobile-friendly.

You can let your users submit their own suggested events. Also, they will submit their events with all necessary details, and event planners can manage them easily.

You can easily sell your events in your website using MEC booking features. Design your own custom forms for registering attendees. Accept Secure Payment with Credit Cards, PayPal and Stripe. Using the advanced add-on called Ticket & Invoice, you’ll design your own invoice. QR codes on the tickets enable you to check-in attendees using the QR code scanner device.

Fluent View Layouts are new skins designed for future. These skins are created supported the newest design methods to form your website such a lot more appealing and your visitors will surly admire it.


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