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Slippa Nulled v2.2 Website & App Marketplace PHP Script


Slippa Nulled v2.2 script may be a PHP Based advance marketplace script. Which allows its user’s to make a Digital marketplace in seconds.

Slippa Nulled

Slippa Nulled Marketplace currently supports Selling Domains, Websites & Businesses Online. Admins can easily adjust all market features through the admin panel itself so no programming skills are needed. Slippa has many features that leading digital marketplaces does like Domain Ownership verification, Real Time Google Analytics Reports, User Email Notifications for all user activities, fully functional Bidding System, Chat/Message System and etc.

Slippa enables its owner to make a marketplace where buyers can check in and list their domains, websites or online businesses. Then sellers can purchase these digital products from the marketplace, Site Owner will receive a commission from each success sale. This success fee commission are often controlled by the location admin. Furthermore admin also has ability to charge from the buyers once they do list their services on the marketplace.

Slippa has all the most features that a bid system should have. this technique will control each bid consistent with the principles which were set by the vendor & admin. Also from the backend automatically highest bidder are going to be selected because the winning bid, then seller will have the choice to open a contract with the customer from the script’s itself. (All the tools which are required for this process are going to be provided by the Slippa User Panel.)

Slippa isn’t only an auction Marketplace, it also has ability to run Classified & Auction Marketplace together. So Buyer can make offers to an inventory then from the backend seller can select a suggestion to open a contract.

Slippa has an advance email notification system which might be really useful for buyers and sellers. Email notifications work for all main activities like when seller receives a replacement bid or a suggestion , when seller approves a replacement bid, also all previous bidders are going to be notified when a replacement bidder placed a better bid than their current bid. And there are lot more useful email notifications.


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